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This Forum invites a number of experts to be a guest for one week and control discussions on specific topics. The public can gain a great deal of free information from reading the posts, but only members may write posts, add to discussions and ask and answer questions. I hope that everyone enjoys the forums and topics that will be featured.
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Postby Jacqui Pryor » Fri Apr 27, 2012 10:27 am

Hi Greg, Robyn & Geoff - my apologies for the delay in responding to your comments ...

@Greg - I suppose re Dick Smith, this highlights the talents of his marketing & PR team doesn't it? That some people can perceive him in a certain way, yet he is clearly still doing well!

@ Robyn - Thanks for commenting. My passion in my business is really about smaller businesses, and helping them understand the area of trademarks because, as you point out, it's really not an area everyone is aware of. Next month there is a new national business name system unfolding in Australia, and I am hopeful that by having a national business name system, the subject of trademarks will be promoted a little more to business registrants than it currently is... On this particular forum and series of posts, I am truly hopeful that some of the tips posted will allow smaller business to seriously consider protection of their brands, and perhaps shed some light that it doesn't have to cost an arm & leg and be too stressful a process :D

@Geoff - thanks for commenting and for your kind words. I am definitely pleased that Barbara put a call out and I was able to respond and be a part of this forum. I am also pleased that your experience with your TM wasn't too painful! It can be a simple process when all goes smoothly but as you note it is a long process (hence my suggestions earlier about conducting searches before proceeding). Of course if you do come across people needing further information/assistance, feel free to point in my direction... I never charge to answer questions and am always happy to do so... sometimes this is enough to give a person the confidence to file their own application/s and achieve protection at the lowest cost and simplest way possible.

Thanks everyone for your comments, I have really enjoyed being a part of this forum (and, thanks again Barbara for having me!!) I will be sure to continue replying to any further questions/comments that may be posted... have a great weekend everyone!
Jacqui Pryor is an Australian Trademark Specialist with 13 years experience in trademark matters, and holds a Graduate Certificate in Trade Mark Law & Practice.
Jacqui is also the director of Mark My Words Trademark Services, providing affordable, friendly and reliable services in connection with trademark registration and related matters.
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