Welcom Andrew McCombe - 7 Steps to be an Authority

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Re: Welcom Andrew McCombe - 7 Steps to be an Authority

Postby Andrew McCombe » Fri May 25, 2012 12:15 pm

Hi Peter - thanks for your feedback.

I highly recommend www.1shoppingcart.com You can get 3 different levels depending on what youneed it for and it will look after all of your requirments very well. If you have minimal orders coming through I would recommend paypak (although I would add in the amount they charge you for the transaction to the price) and it will reroute you to propoer landing pages per product.

As far as autoresponders go I think you nailed it on the head - they can be an issue if used poorly.

I would use www.1shoppingcart.com as they allow you to set up multiple lead lists and then you can set up multiple autoresponders and also send newsletter just to your specific target lists.

I leanred a lont time ago that Wednesday morning at 11amish is the best time to send a newsletter and it really depends on what you are aiming to educate on as far as the frequency goes - but personally I feel less is more is the best approach and make sure that when you do send something it has really good value.

I hope this helps
Andrew McCombe
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Re: Welcom Andrew McCombe - 7 Steps to be an Authority

Postby Peter O'Connor » Fri May 25, 2012 1:07 pm

Thanks Andrew - much appreciated.

Peter O'Connor, is a retired accountant and is involved with teaching home based businesses how to build and manage their own websites.
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