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Re: Welcome Marsha Byron 'Recruitment in Today’s Environment'

Postby Kathie Thomas » Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:17 pm

I missed seeing the responses here. Even though I've told the system to send me replies to threads I subscribe to, I still don't get them and got busy and forgot to come back.

I understand Marsha re the Philippines but just wanted to make sure readers didn't think they could do that for all VAs. And I still maintain a VA is a self-employed operator - those in the Philippines and other Asian countries really are 'virtual workers' and not VAs but I know that often the companies they're employed with like to promote them as VAs. Very confusing for the general public when trying to work out what's what.

At any rate, thanks for sharing on your thoughts and experiences regarding virtual workers and how people can choose different ways to outsource their needs.
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