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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Neville Christie » Fri Aug 23, 2013 6:28 pm

Ah thanks again for your thoughtful post Geoff.

As you and I talk about authenticity and false and real masks, I am reminded of the words of that wise old, cigar-smoking centurion – is that the right word for some one who makes it to 100? – George Burns. Burns, real name Nathan Birnbaum, dated many beautiful women after his wife Gracie Fields died. He knew a thing or two. And said, “If you can fake authenticity, you’ve got it made”.

I have talked in these blogs about the huge number of resources we have available to us. And one of these is the resources is our own human psyche-soul-unconscious. Shakespeare was wrong in another sense we he said, “To thine own SELF be true”.
For we are many, many selves – some great, some average, and some downright ugly. In depth work I have done on myself [myselves], and on many others, over many years, I have yet to find anyone who has fewer than 100 different sub-personalities or archetypes living within.

Like the madmen of 2,000 years ago, "We are not one, but many”. What a huge treasure trove of resources to call on. A fabulous book here I return to over and over is, Carol S Pearson, “Awakening the Heroes Within”. Yet she only talks about a mere 12 archetypes that help us find us, and transform our world.

With so many endless combinations of personalities to play with, it’s no wonder we are all UNIQUE!

Go well, Geoff. A pleasure to hear from you.
Neville Christie
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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby David Penglase » Mon Sep 02, 2013 6:30 pm

G'day Neville, I'm brand new to the forum and was thrilled that my first venture into the community led me to your posts on a 'soul-full' business. I've cut and pasted your calls to action and am working through - what wonderful insights when we hold ourselves accountable for taking stock of our truth, and then, with intentional action work toward living up to our own promises. I'm a firm believer that we get the business we deserve - the new, repeat and referral business we deserve. Thank you for wisdom and thought leadership. Warmly, David.
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David Penglase
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