Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

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Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Barbara Gabogrecan » Thu Aug 08, 2013 11:10 am

ImageNeville Christie is one of Australia’s most experienced business people. He has mentored hundreds of people inside and outside of Australia spanning most industries and domains, including technology, telecommunications, health-care and education. Neville has just returned from Bali to write for our Forum of Business Experts. His topic of ‘How To Create And Grow A Business With Soul’ will appeal to many of our members, as ‘caring for others’ is a big part of their business psyche.

Neville has set up and run 44 of his own small to medium enterprises. Most have been successful. Three have been spectacular failures!

Neville family (on his Dad’s side) was closely related to the once-famous Wirth’s Circus. As his family always had free gold ringside passes, Neville spent most of his spare time as a kid, at the circus. When he was 12 the permanent Melbourne home of Wirth’s (where the Arts Centre now is) was burnt to the ground.

Suddenly instead of day-dreaming about life as a clown with the circus, Neville was catapulted into exploring, dreaming and discovering a more practical world of business.
I love this quote that Neville uses "Making money isn't hard in itself... What's hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one's life to." Carlos Ruiz Zafón

You are sure to receive some valuable ideas, tips and hints from this ‘master of business ideas’ Join us and share your story too.
Barbara Gabogrecan assists HBB's to market their business online

Barbara is an artist specialising in silk painting; her video is on page one of You Tube http://youtu.be/1ZA9HObN_Go

Having survived a stroke and a brain tumour, Barbara wrote a book titled 'Thank God I Had a Stroke' to motivate and inspire others suffering from similar afflictions.
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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Neville Christie » Sun Aug 11, 2013 4:30 pm

The right sort of business?



You’ve started your own home-based business. Or you are about to start. Congratulations!

You are in great company. Recently, Sydney and Melbourne ranked the 12th and 18th hottest cities in the world for home-based start-up activity. Adelaide, Brisbane, and other cities around Australia are undergoing a similar boom. And, with broadband, the revolution is gradually extending to rural towns and areas.

A recent report found that in the next few years, start-ups could contribute $109 billion and 540,000 jobs to the Australian economy alone.

My start-ups

Actually I am a bit of a start-up and home-based business ‘freak’. Over 59 years, commencing age 12, I’ve started 44 of my own businesses. Plus I have been directly involved in working with hundreds of other entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses. And currently as part of our Venture Bank we are working on 51 new ventures… http://www.newenterpriseservices.com.au

So, in these seven blogs I want to ask you ten key questions. And to challenge you to make sure you create and grow not a soul-less business. But a business with soul – a business that you distinctly create and build based on your awesome Personal Life Purpose – whatever that might be.

You’re creating a business with soul? Yes or No?

Let’s do a reality check. A business with sou may be a very nurturing business. But that’s not it’s core essence. If your business is one with soul, it’s ...

• deeply rooted in your personal needs, aspirations, talents. Yes?
• built on the Life Purpose you create for you. Yes?

And with your business, you commit to…

• learn, create, co-create, and innovate continuously. Yes?
• release your inbuilt talents and grow you. Yes?
• grow others… Yes?
• add value to the lives and businesses of others. Yes? And
• you make a really meaningful contribution to your chosen community. Or even the world. Yes?

Members of an expanding, learning tribe

Say, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes, and you’ve joined a global tribe of soul-full, interconnected entrepreneurs and home-based business owners. [Say, No, no, no, and I’d like to ask you, ‘Why not?’]

Each day this new tribe grows stronger and larger… Stronger, partly because we have a huge new array of new transformative technologies and new media, communication, and collaborative tools at our beck and call: The Internet. “Smart mobs’ and tribes. Open source software. Angel financing, micro-financing and crowd sourcing. Co-operative tools. Collaborative innovation. Digital technologies. Plus a quite different entrepreneurial mind set. And a digitally-wired new generation under 35, etc, etc.

New abundance

Collectively, these factors are creating new opportunities, new entrepreneurs, a totally different form of abundance, and new markets around the world. Even amongst the disadvantaged, and the poorest of the poor. As well as for the richest of the rich. And all of us in-between. So, I repeat, you’re in great company.

Big impact

Put them together, and you, and your tiny business, can make a BIG impact: As you think big. Interconnect with your fellow entrepreneurs. And punch far above your weight.

So, ten questions for you

1. Why, on earth, have you started your own home-based business?
2. What BIG Purposes motivate and guide your life, and hence your business?
3. What’s unique or different about your home-based business? Who is your ‘ideal’ client? How many kilometers around your home is your client catchment area?
4. To what extent is your business truly right for you? How do you know?
5. In what ways are you building and operating it right? How do you know?
6. Given the job of every entrepreneur is to create or access resources not previously available to us, how well are you travelling in this department?
7. To what extent have you, unknowingly, opted to create an out-moded, old-style business?
8. How far have you gone in building a new-economy, new-style business, and a business with soul?
9. How well are you making the most of the amazing new tools, networks, resources and abundance readily available to you?
10. How will you know when you and your business ‘arrive’? What, for you, does ‘success’ really, truly, look and feel like?

In various ways, I ask, these 10 questions in these seven blogs. And I warmly invite you to answer them. Anew! Again! This time, differently!


1. Do yourself a big favour. Please place your cursor on the 10 questions at the beginning of this blog. Copy them into a document file. Increase the spaces. Save the file. Then start to answer each question as clearly and as fully as you can. Where you have no idea, write down, ‘No Idea’. That highlights your ‘leading learning edge’.

2. Now spend time reflecting on:

• to what extent is my business truly right for me?
• how do I know?
• what sort of business, offering other products and services might be even better for me? And for the world?
• who’s welfare do I truly want to see enhanced? And enhanced by me? How?


Right, we’re ready for tomorrow’s Blog, where we look at the single, biggest key to life-long personal and business success. That is creating out awesome Life Purpose. And we ask you, “Do you want to be Mother Theresa, Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde, or what?”.

We end today’s Blog with two quotes. The first is from the US environmental advocate, Edward Abbey: "May all your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view, where something strange, and more beautiful, and more full of wonder than your deepest dreams, waits for you."

And the second is from the amazing Oprah Winfrey: “I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that's as unique as a fingerprint. And that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”

My wish for you, is through your business you find your unique Calling. See you tomorrow.

Neville D Christie http://www.nevillechristie.com.au
Neville Christie
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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Neville Christie » Mon Aug 12, 2013 8:57 pm

Create your Awesome Purposes


Burn these words

Please burn these words into your heart and mind. They’re by contemporary Spanish novelist, Carlos Ruiz Zafon from his fascinating novel, ‘The Shadow of the Wind’:

"Making money isn't hard in itself...
“What's hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one's life to."


“Doing what’s worth devoting our life to….” I invite you to think on Zafon’s words as I ask you:

• What BIG Purposes motivate and guide your life, and hence your business?
• Why, on earth, have you started your own home-based business?
• To what extent is your business truly right for you? How do you know?

Seven questions

Over to you. You are a person who wants to do that hard thing – to run a business that, of course, earns you money. But only by you doing what’s worth devoting your life to. So you ask, and answer, these seven questions:

1. What’s the unique Purpose I have to fulfill, that by doing I will spend my life the way I want to, and become the person I MUST be?
2. What’s the unique job I, and I alone, with the help of others, have to do on this planet?
3. If I’m not certain and clear, how do I find out this/these unique, overriding Purposes of mine?
4. How do I turn them into a business – a business with soul – that makes a real, positive difference to me, my family, others, and the world?
5. What sorts of products and services do I need to create and co-create with what potential customers, and with members of my tribe, to make that big difference?
6. How do I that?
7. And how and where do I get all the resources I need?

Start again

Whether or not you already have a fully operational business, I invite you to work on these questions once more, yet again. Alone. With your mentors. With your tribe. And by using the resources I list under ACTION.

How do I find my Personal Awesome Purpose?

Good question. And the part answer is you don’t find it. Or discover. Or get it handed to you. You create it. Just like you create a painting, or a sculpture, or any work of art.

So let’s have a go…


1. As before, merge the 7 questions at the top of this Blog into a document and start your answers.

2. As a guide for you, see:

• 12 types of Personal Purpose - http://nevillechristie.com/2012/05/07/purpose-personal-2/
• Business Purpose - http://nevillechristie.com/2012/05/07/p ... usiness-2/

3. Develop 10-20 different answers for each of these first two questions:
• What’s the unique purpose I have to fulfill that if I don’t do it, it won’t get done?
• What’s the unique job I, and I alone, with the help of others, have to do on this planet?

4. If your Life Purpose is still not emerging in even the roughest form:

• try the six steps suggested here: http://www.wikihow.com/Find-Your-Life%27s-Purpose/
• or the 20-minute method of Steve Pavlina: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/0 ... 0-minutes/ - Steve is a fantastic source, and re-source, by the way.

5. Once you’ve got a number of possible ideas, make a two-hour appointment with your most suitable mentor, coach, friend, counselor, therapist. And work together on your drafts.

6. Reflect. Edit. Refine. Amalgamate. End up with one, two, or three sentences. Each to be 17 words max. [Research shows 17 is the maximum number of words we remember without forgetting or shortening].

• For example my own Life Purpose is: “I nurture thousands of sons and daughters.” – 7 words.
• My Business Purpose combines two sentences, one of 13 words, and one of 9 words. “I directly influence 10,000 individuals to create and grow a business with soul – and gain the life and lifestyle they truly want.” More often than not, I only use the first 13 words.

7. Now enter into a strong and critical dialogue around your sentences with your partner and best friends. Hopefully that will yield you a clear statement of your Life Purposes. And a strong commitment to live it!

Why start and grow our own business?

Over the years, I’ve thought and thought and thought about why I, and others, have started their own businesses with soul. So far, I can only come up with four basic, general sorts of reasons. [If you can find others, please tell me]:

End Purpose: Why does your business with soul exist?

1. TO CHANGE YOUR WORLD: To make a difference. Do things worth doing. That is, to make a worthwhile and meaning-full contribution to your world at large - that you, and only you, can make. [This, of course, you must make specific for you].
Silicon Valley investor and business advisor, Guy Kawasaki, got it right, I reckon, when he said, “The best reason to start an organization is to make meaning - to create a product or service that makes the world a better place.”

Enabling Purposes: How does your business with soul do this?

2. BY GROWING YOU: Your inbuilt, natural, Life Purpose is for you, your parents and friends, your mentors, your business, and your clients to grow and evolve YOU. And to turn you into the Person you have it in you to become – the person you MUST become. So, over time, you use your business as the main vehicle, to make sure you actually become this amazing person.

Your business fulfills its Awesome Purpose as you become a person of your Highest Purpose. And your business turns you into an Awesome Person. Sounds good to me!

3. BY GROWING OTHERS: You make your business the vehicle for creating and building really fruitful, nurturing and loving relationships – with your life partner, your children, your friends, your colleagues and associates, your business team if you have any, your clients, your suppliers, your chosen community….

4. BY GETTING WEALTHY: Your business is one major way you become not just money and asset rich. But wealthy also in all the things that really matter. Here you aim to “do well by doing good”. See our next blog where we examine our real wealth.


Take these four categories. Relate them to your Life Purpose. Form each category in your own words. And you have your Business Purposes – and the reasons why you seek to create and grow your own business with soul.

Hi Mother Hyde

So, how clear are you now? “Do you seek to be Mother Theresa, Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde, or what?” And, “To what extent is your business truly right for you? How do you know?”

Until you’re really clear, I beg you to invest the time and effort to get the clarity. It is the single most important thing you can do for you. For your partner, your children, your friends, your other loved ones. And for your business.

Tomorrow we look at the difference between wealth and riches. And at how we build our business around our Purpose. Please join me.

We end today’s Blog with this quote by US author, blogger, and creative thinker, Dan Miller: “Success is never an accident. It typically starts as imagination, becomes a dream, stimulates a goal, grows into a plan of action – which then inevitably meets with opportunity. Don’t get stuck along the way.”

I wish you this sort of success.

Neville D Christie http://www.nevillechristie.com.au
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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Geoff Haw » Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:29 pm

Well, Neville, you've certainly got our grey matter twisting and turning, as we endeavour to provide honest and realistic answers to the many fascinating questions that you have raised already.

One of the reasons that I know your posts this week will be of great benefit is that you don't just 'tell us important stuff', as it were, but constantly raise what I'll identify as 'calls to action'. The simple but highly effective way in which you have asked us to copy and paste the questions and allowing spaces for insertion of our own answers will, I am confident, lead us to a better understanding of our inner self and influence us toward better practices with improved interactions for clients.

So you've set up all those businesses - with some successes and some failures. I wonder if you analysed why some failed. I'd love to see the list of all those enterprises! I bet it would make fascinating reading.

I look forward to more excellent and challenging reading from you in teh coming days. Thank you for sharing your insights with us.

Best wishes,

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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Barbara Gabogrecan » Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:05 am

Like Geoff, I am impressed with the 'call to action' in you posts. Unfortunately most readers will not do this - but for those who do, then the results will be awesome. I have been teaching an exercise for people to shorten their words when describing their business (or what they provide in their business) by producing a 'verbal logo' , Your 'life purpose' is another great example of how to do this effectively and powerfully.

One thing I have found in helping home based businesses, most cannot truly say why their business is unique. Most people say things like "I offer excellent service"; "I look after my customers"; "I produce an excellent product"; etc. Can you suggest how people can think in terms of 'uniqueness'?

One of our members who runs a dog grooming salon, I think has some wonderfully unique attributes built into her business.
1. She gives dogs a mud bath to improve their skin condition
2. She has a TV allowing owners to watch their dog be groomed
3. She has a massage chair for owners waiting to pick up their dogs
3. She gives a gift each month to regular customers (sometimes for the owners, sometimes for the dogs)
4. She arranges a photo shoot each year for the dogs
5. Every Christmas, owners receive a colander for the following year with a photo of their dog on it

Like most business with soul, she offer good service; she looks after her customers etc - these attributes do not make her business unique - most businesses with soul offer the same things. So, I think it is a real challenge to find out just what does make your business unique. And if it is not unique, does it matter (as long as it is good and has soul)?

I look forward to your comments on this Neville.
Barbara Gabogrecan assists HBB's to market their business online

Barbara is an artist specialising in silk painting; her video is on page one of You Tube http://youtu.be/1ZA9HObN_Go

Having survived a stroke and a brain tumour, Barbara wrote a book titled 'Thank God I Had a Stroke' to motivate and inspire others suffering from similar afflictions.
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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Neville Christie » Wed Aug 14, 2013 8:18 am

Morning Geoff. Thanks for your very positive post. You have an engaging way with words that express your persona. And gives me a bit of a sense that you already have a business with soul. From your background I guess you know the actors in ancient Greek dramas and comedies played multiple roles and expressed multiple emotions. With each change they put on a different mask.

The Greek word for mask is persona - from which we get 'person' and 'personality'. For me, this is a reminder how often, as people, we wear masks. Some genuine and authentic. Some false, and hiding our real selves.

I believe the journey of life, and thus the journey for our own businesses - is to strip away the false masks, leaving the authentic, true, genuine article. So, eventually, we manifest our authentic soul - warts and all. And the the world sees both our soul and the the authentic soul of our business.

I'd be interested in how far you agree or disagree with this.

I'm also really glad you raised the issue of 'success' and failure. Thank you. This is such an important topic I attend to in the last two blogs. What I do know is the big, famous, successful entrepreneurs have more 'failures' - read learnings - than they typically talk about. Many wear, and project, a false mask of 'success' which leaves the rest of us feeling inferior, and a failure, and in need of buying their formula or snake oil.

The reasons behind my own three big business failures, compared to my 41 business 'successes', are complex. But basically they come down to me wearing a mask that lead me to 'refuse' to see, accept, and act on the reality I was facing early enough.

These three were big enough. and nasty enough. to cause me lots of pain, and to take much of the money wealth I'd built from the other 41. But they have also given me my greatest learnings. And they couldn't take away the real 'wealth' I'd gained from creating and running them. The ancient Hindus invented the notion of karma that they believed played itself out through successive rebirths.

I believe our psyches - read souls, for in Greek they are the same word - are constructed so we have to learn and grow and change. When we refuse to do so, our psyche, in its wisdom, turns up the karmic volume, louder and louder, until the noise gets so deafening we learn. And we change, And grow.

Go well. I'd love to hear from you again.

Neville Christie.
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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Neville Christie » Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:01 am

Ah Barbara what a beautiful question: How can we think about - and action - the uniqueness of our business. Thank you for asking it. Unique, Unique, Unique, What a wonderful word. And full of great meaning, Here are two:

    existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics: a unique type of intellectual property.
    having no like or equal; unparalleled; incomparable: Mary has a unique way of relating with customers.

Years ago I learnt a quote that describes Humankind: "All Men are like all other men. Like some other men. Like no other Man". I think the same is true of uniqueness in business: "All businesses are like all other businesses. Like some other businesses. Like no other businesses".

I learnt a hugely important lesson about uniqueness just after my mother's death. At the wake, the four of us children were discussing Mum, and my young brother, Graeme, said, "Anyway I was Mum's favourite." . My sister, Lyn, said, "No, I was!" My older brother, Max, chipped in slightly testily, "You're both wrong. I was". .... "No, no. no!" say I. "I was".

At this we all laughed. What a fantastic feat of mothering to make us all feel we were uniquely Mum's favourite!

Just like you and me, the real uniqueness comes not from the words we use only. Not from the products and services we offer only. But from how our customers' or clients' experience of us and our business personally. And this comes from our soul, psyche, spirit, essence and how we bring that to our relationships. Same for our business: "When I go into Mary's shop, the whole staff make me and my pet feel so special, so important. They tailor everything they do to me and Fifi. When I we leave Fifi looks great. And I feel fantastic." That's unique!

In other words, our logo, services products, location, free coffee, TV sets, etc, etc are just the supporting characters to the main act. And that is the customized, personalized way we, and our team, relate to EVERY customer. The way we listen. They way we 'make' them feel special. Our genuineness. Our authenticity. Our generosity and warmth. Try to ape that when it's not genuine, not coming from our soul, and our client senses the artificiality and are left feeling dirtied, cheapened, soiled. Today we're markets of One. One size definitely does NOT suit all. Today our authentic soul is what makes our business different. And that's unique.

So when I am at a party. And before anyone can ask me that old chestnut, "What do you do Neville?" I make sure I really know who they are and what they do. And I have three 'secret' questions up my sleeve, that tell me whether or not this person might ever be a client. So when I get to answer what it is I do, my words are TOTALLY tailored to them, and their needs and their interests. I reckon, that's unique.

What do you reckon?
Neville Christie
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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Neville Christie » Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:35 am

Create REAL wealth


Real wealth

Years ago when Forbes magazine named oil billionaire J Paul Getty as America’s richest man, his brother, a community worker in Africa, sent him this telegram: “To the world’s richest man, from the world’s wealthiest”.

Now, the origin of the word ‘wealth’ is the old Anglo-Saxon ’weal’ – meaning ‘total well-being’. We find this meaning in the Commonwealth of Australia, meaning the common or shared weal, or well-being, of all.

Our materialistic culture has perverted this word. And the word ‘riches’ too. So they’ve come mainly to mean material goods like cash, houses, cars, shares, bonds, gold, jewels, yachts, jets and the like.

Creating wealth in all its forms

But we all know real ‘riches’ and real ‘wealth’ are also: Health. And family and friends. And choices. And leisure, and music, and great food. And singing and dancing. And friendship. And learning, and personal growth. And community. And physicality. And loving, being loved, love-creating, and love-making. And travel, and joy, and excitement. And meaning. And transcendence. And making a difference to others… and…and…and....

I put it to you strongly, therefore, that in starting your own home based business, one of your aims is to create wealth in all its many forms – not just income and riches. Agreed?

So you must make sure you attend to creating and enjoying wealth every day. And not just to creating sales, income and profit! Yes? No?

The great divide

In Australia we have a chain of mountains we whites call The Great Divide. In their infinite wisdom, the Australian Aborigines call this same chain, The Great Bringer Together. Or the Great Unite.

For far too long in Western culture we have had set up great divides: Good or bad. Black or white. Life or business. Money or soul. Work or leisure. This or that. Wisdom finds her home when we throw out the ‘or’. And replace it with ‘and’.

The great unite

So, I challenge you to create and grow: not just any business. Certainly, not a business without soul… Rather, a business WITH soul. A business AND soul…
That is a business that unites these great divides. A business that gives you wealth, riches, true abundance on terms you decide – business and life at its fullest. Money and wealth. Money riches and real riches. Meaningful work and leisure. Business and soul. Work and family and friends. Doing well and doing good. Doing well by doing good. You, a business person, as a whole person. Not working for the Man, but working with and for Man/Humankind – and for yourself, and family.

2000 years ago a Great Teacher asked a great question, "How on earth can you profit if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul?" That was NOT a statement indicating we could not both have great wealth and retain our soul. It was a reminder to keep our soul foremost AS we gain wealth in all its forms.

You’ve already started

In starting your own home-based business you have already broken the great divide of leaving your whole person, your soul, at home while taking just your economic person to work. Great.

And you have moved from striving to gain a work-life balance as they reckon they do in the corporate world. [Ha! Fat chance]. To you gaining work-life integration - where your home, your partner, your family and friends are not separate from how you make your crust, but all part of your business. Even greater.

Put the pieces together

So now your task is to stop dividing your time and life between money OR soul. And you put them together. Money WITH soul. Business WITH soul. Life with soul. Life and business. A business that is a the main vehicle you fulfilling your Purposes of:

• Making the world better in specific ways
• Making you bigger, brighter, better
• Making others better
• Making you and others wealthier and richer.

Like one of my Neville-isms says, “You don’t have to be unwell to get better”. [Neville-isms http://nevillechristie.com/neville-isms/ are modern proverbs I write every now and then. All are 17 words or less].

Let’s get clearer on this ‘soul’ bit

For some of us ‘soul’ conjures up ideas of religion, eternity, and the afterlife.

But your business with soul is not about the afterlife, or about going to heaven. No! You make your business with soul here on earth, for earth.
We all know instinctively what a soul-less business is.

• Please take a few minutes to list their attributes…
• Now list their opposite.

Voila, there you have it. A business with soul! A soul-full business. A soul-filled business.

Seven core aspects

In the old economy, now rapidly fading, business was only supposed to have one purpose, or reason for being – to make a profit, the so-called ‘bottom line’. Utter rubbish even then, for any ‘good to great’ business.

Even billionaire Henry Ford, who started the Ford Motor Company, said, “A business that only makes money, is a poor business.”

But modern, new-style, new economy businesses have 3-fold and 5-fold ‘bottom lines’. And when we have a business with soul, we have a seven-fold bottom line of:

1. Purpose
2. People
3. Potential
4. Performance
5. Profit
6. Planet
7. Philanthropy.

How are you travelling?

So….To what extent have you, unknowingly, opted to create an out-moded, old-style soul-less business? How far have you gone in building a new-economy, a new-style business, a business with soul?


1. I invite you to take a really large sheet of paper. Draw seven large interlocking circles. Label each with one of the seven ‘P’ attributes of a business with soul. Now ask yourself the six key journalistic questions about each of the seven circles as they relate to you and your business: What? Why? When? Where? How? Who?

2. Arising from your Purposes – some call this your Vision – you shape your unique Business Model for your business with 9 other key elements, making 10 in all.
• see this highly useful slide show: What is a Business Model: http://www.slideshare.net/Alex.Osterwalder/what-is-a-business-model?from_search=1.
• check out the web site mentioned: http://www.businessmodelgeneration.com.
• and if you are specially keen, buy the book or app: Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur, “Business Model Generation”.

What’s next?

In our remaining blogs we look harder at how you operate your businesses with soul. And we see how you weave both your Purpose-s and the other six P’s into all that you do.

No limits

I don’t know the author of today’s quote, but it is well worth thinking about: "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions and they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are."

See you tomorrow.

Neville Christie, http://www.nevillechristie.com.au
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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Neville Christie » Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:45 am

Claim your abundance


Start with the end

In business we start each day not at the beginning. But, with the end in mind: “What’s the purpose of my business? What big, fat, hairy, audacious goals am I’m working towards? What will I achieve by the end of this day?”

So a Neville-ism: “I start this day, by claiming my abundance, in every way.”

You’ve already decided your business is about making a real difference. About growing you and others. And about creating wealth and riches in the fullest sense – for you and for others. So we start each day, every day, by claiming our abundance, now.

Then we make our potential abundance, actual abundance.

Abundance guru, Peter Diamandis points the way: “When I think about creating abundance, it’s not about creating a life of luxury for everybody on this planet. It’s about creating a life of possibility. It is about taking that which was scarce and making it abundant.”

Scarcity AND abundance

Scarcity. Scarcity. Scarcity. Rare resources. Oil, water, gas, energy all running low. Global warning. Rising sea levels. This is one part of the economic story we have all been raised on. But there is second part as well: Abundance of technology, information, creativity, brain power. Abundance of people, ideas, products and services, options, possibilities. Abundance of generosity, good will, talent, know-how, skill. Abundance of new media that make it possible for us to produce far, far more than we consume. Abundance of time.

For example, one guru, Clay Shirky, in his important TED talk, “How cognitive surplus will change the world,” suggests globally there exists one trillion free and generous person hours every year to contribute, volunteer and collaborate on big and sometimes global projects than can, and will, change the world. Do yourself a favour and watch it! http://tinyurl.com/qbc85ph

Worry, worry, worry

Abundance of time? Yes! Collaborate? Yes!

From experience, I reckon you often feel non-abundant. You feel, “Time is scarce”. You’re tired. And one big issue ‘worries’ you. That is how you can juggle everything that needs to be done in your home-based business. How do you bring home and family and business together? How do you get the money, the sales, the time, the energy, the motivation, the products and services, the clients, the business systems? … How to learn everything you need to learn?… How to get people helping you when you have so little money, and so little time?

So, hey! Stop and think.

Got it all

“Abundance is about taking that which is scarce and making it abundant.” You and I already have all the time, we need – in abundance. We are not going to get any more. It’s our thinking about time that’s letting us down.

Mainly, when we have a time problem, we have either moved away from our core Purpose. Or we have a resource, priority, or energy issue. Re-attend to our Purpose, and thus to our priorities: Is this and that taking me towards, or away, from my Purpose? Then, attend to our resources, and to our energy… And, normally, our time issues evaporate.

When we move away from our Purpose, we: Kill time. Fill in time. Waste time. With Purpose, we invest time. And we get a high return on it.

So today we ask:

• Given the job of every entrepreneur is to create or access resources not previously available to us, how well are you travelling?

Start with Abundance

You’ve already started to abolish any lingering poverty-scarcity mind set. Yes? And you’ve replaced it with an abundancy mind set. Yes? If No, it’s essential you do so now.

As you make this mental shift – your whole world changes. The way you think about your business changes. The way you operate your life and business changes. Amazingly! Please believe me!

Metaphorically there are trillions of dollars in your ATM – waiting for you to draw down.

• not much use if you don’t know that.
• not much use, if you don’t believe that – “It’s too good to be true”.
• not much use, if you don’t take daily withdrawals!

New skills

So you, personally, need to know and accept this abundance of resources is yours. You need to develop new skills and know-how in locating these resources. Learning how to access them. Knowing how to claim them. Then you and your business are both “cooking with gas” as my mother used to say.

You may not be a National Bank now, or ever. But you do already ‘own’ all the resources the National does! Just different.
Don’t own them to ‘own’ them

Here we have a very important play on the word ‘own’. For, weirdly, to make these abundant resources your own, you have to break your ‘ownership’ mind set. You don’t need to own roads, hospitals, trains, libraries to use them, and make them your own, do you? Nor do you need to own the Internet, the cell phone network, Google, Qantas, or a luxury holiday villa like the one
I’m renting in Bali right now as I write…

New ways to access

What you need to discover is the whole range of ways you can access and use these resources to create riches and wealth, to
grow you and others, and to make the world a far better place – without paying any, or very little cash.

When you move away from the owning and controlling mindset, you options magnify many, many times over. For now you can trade in ‘multiple currencies’, You can: Barter. Borrow. Trade. Exchange. Beg. Swap. Annex. Partner. Joint Venture. Copy. Amalgamate. Collaborate. Share. Split income. Pay by results and outcomes not for time or inputs. Rent. Lease. Hire. Co-own. Co-create. Collaborate…

Change that mind set

Yeap! Claiming your multiple portfolio of real wealth, and trading in multiple ‘currencies’ starts with a change in your mind-set. And with some new learnings…

For example:

• Out there, somewhere, there are two or three, or more, home-based business owners who are doing remarkably close to what you are doing. They can be your mentors. And you, theirs.
• Many of your fellow entrepreneurs already have all the clients you’ll ever need. Or they have the know-how to attract them for you. ‘Competitors’ can now be your allies. As one of the your many options, you can choose to access them, relate with them, and do a deal with them to access their clients and make them yours as well.
• As a single-person business, you don’t have to employ anyone. But you still can have hundreds of people working with and for you – sometimes sharing income based on income earned, not time spent.
• Money is far from being the only medium of exchange. And far from being the only form of wealth. .


1. Get convinced business newbies can mentor each other as well as can ‘experts’. Visit here: http://nevillechristie.com/2012/04/09/peer-mentoring/

2. Act NOW to get you the right mentor or mentors. See this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0N-bn4Wi00 And find out how here: http://nevillechristie.com/2012/04/09/h ... le-mentor/ And here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXuK-gFDlsE

3. Open a new page and head it: What I reckon makes up my real wealth. Add at least 50 items. And dialogue with every one you know about what they reckon real wealth is. Keep adding to your list. Then, in the light of your nice long list, think hard about this, “I am in the business of creating my real wealth, by creating real wealth and well-being for others, in the following ways…”

4. Do a search of ‘home-based businesses’ and ‘entrepreneurs’. Follow the interesting links and so start the never-ending journey of finding out who, and where, your tribe members are. Add the ‘usable’ ones to your Resources. And connect with at least one member each day. Why? So they support, guide, mentor, resource, help you. And you support, guide, mentor, resource, help them. Collectively your tribe has all the resources you want. They have answers to every question you can ask. And you have answers for theirs. Or you’ll find out answers, opportunities, solutions together. And you’ll co-create.

5. Use the daily practice of gratitude to develop your ‘abundancy mind set’. Weird one this: For example, start every day by looking at every item you see in your house and expressing your gratitude to the inventors, manufacturers, installers. Why? Because gratitude is the wellspring of both creativity and abundance. See here. http://nevillechristie.com/2012/04/09/p ... -grateful/. As we manifest gratitude for the abundance we experience, we create and gain more.

6. Trade in “multiple currencies”. Spend 2 hours a day searching for, connecting with, and doing resourcing deals. Barter. Exchange. Mutual mentoring. Partnering. Client exchange. Resource-sharing etc, etc deals. For all the resources you need. Which, are, by the way? And see this interesting video. http://www.ted.com/talks/paul_kemp_robe ... rency.html

In brief, I suggest you gain enormously as you commit to two hours on-line and on-the phone six days a week:
• defining and locating all the resources you need
• accessing the abundant resources that already exist.

All with your name on them. And most for no money down. That us, when you learn how to access them ‘right’.

Tomorrow we invite you to join the resource revolution.

Soul on fire

Today’s last word comes from Marshall Ferdinand Foch a French military leader during WW1: “The most powerful weapon-resource on earth is the human soul on fire.”

How on fire is your soul?

Neville Christie, http://www.nevillechristie.com
Neville Christie
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Re: Welcome Neville Christie - Create a Business With Soul

Postby Frances Cahill » Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:50 am

Hello Neville
Thank you for your powerful and insightful advice. 44 businesses - wow! The one section that rang my bell - so to speak - was about relevance. It took a long time for me to define exactly what my why was, when I chose to go into business. It was confronting to ask this sort of question when I had been working in government for 30 years where it hadn't been an issue to explore much, I just did it. When I decided to spread my wings in private enterprise what surprised me the most was that my why was a lifelong passion and I was really just refining the focus.

My why? Making a difference in people's lives. Sounds lofty written baldly - but I recognise it for what it is - I have a core purpose to serve and help others.

As a public servant I made a difference in staying within the community services portfolio. Now out in the other world, I am indulging my passion in communication and words by training others to speak in public, editing and proof reading and now also delivering drama classes for children.

On the days when motivation is a bit low - I return again and again to my core purpose.... and ask myself the question - why are you doing this again?

Thank you again Neville - it is SO comfortable and encouraging to be in the company of other business people with soul.


Frances Cahill
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